Terms Of Service

By using our services, you are agree not to share any confidential information from members area, your license code, username and password or theme files.

Zeno is released with two license types. A license for personal use and a developer license.
Each license can be used for an unlimited number of sites.

Personal License

The personal license it’s designed for people who intend to use Zeno only for personal use.
Owning a personal license, allow you to build an unlimited number of personal sites.
However, you will need a developer license if you intend to sell these sites (or at least one that uses Zeno theme).

Developer License

If you are a developer and you intend to use Zeno for the site of one of your clients, you need to purchase a developer license.
A developer license will grant you permission to use the license key received, to activate Zeno for an unlimited number of personal and customer sites.
Owning a developer license will allow you to sell sites that are using Zeno.

Neither personal, nor the developer does not give you the right to:

  • Sell Zeno as a standalone product
  • Give Zeno for free
  • Rebrand Zeno

If we determine that you make your license activation code public (on social networks, forums, etc.) we will deactivate that license code without any warnings.
The License Activation Code should be always kept secret. You will need the same license activation code to activate Zeno theme for any newly created sites.
Each license code is assigned to a unique email address (the email address used to complete the order).

The username and the password of your member account should be also kept secret and not made public. If you detect that more people will log into the same account, the account will be disabled and also the account associated license.

The members area is a bonus offered to the persons who have obtained a legal copy of Zeno. There you will be notified when a new updated version of Zeno is available for download, you will find a support forum, a support ticket system and a complete theme documentation.

We are not associated with Amazon company or with any of the programs run by them.
Zeno is just a tool designed to ease your work to promote the products available through Amazon Associates program, integrating Amazon Product Advertising API.

We are not responsible for any changes in Amazon Associates or Amazon Product API Advertisement terms of services.