Theme Upload & Activation

IMPORTANT NOTE: Zeno theme is NOT designed to be used or to be compatible with already established stores built with WordPress plugins like wooCommerce, ecommerce, or other similar themes. We only encourage the usage of Zeno on fresh WordPress installations to avoid any incompatibility issues.

If you install Zeno for a website that had already some content published, don’t forget to resave the WordPress permalinks after you activate the theme. Otherwise, you might receive 404 errors for some of the pages of your site.

A. Theme Installation

Zeno is extremely easy to install. If you are already familiar with regular WordPress themes installation, then you should also know how to install Zeno theme.

If not, just follow the steps below.

First, you will need a fresh WordPress installation.

If you never installed WordPress, you can read the WordPress installation guide. If you already have a WordPress installation, continue reading.

Download the latest theme version from the downloads page in the members’ area (if you haven’t already downloaded it).

Place the “” archive somewhere where you can easily find it (for example your Desktop or your Downloads folder).

1) Login to your WordPress Dashboard with an account with administrator privileges (you should find the login form at or, where is the URL of your site).


2) Once logged in to the WordPress dashboard area, go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add new -> Upload Theme





3) From the file explorer that opens, select the archive and click the Install Now button 


4) It will take few seconds for the theme to be uploaded.

Once uploaded, you should get a “Theme installed successfully” message.

activate zeno

Next, click the “Activate” button to activate Zeno theme.

Zeno theme is now successfully installed and activated.

B. License Key Activation

After installation, you will need to activate Zeno using the license key received on your email address after buying the theme. In the case you have not received the email that contains the license key, you will find your license key listed inside the Zeno theme members’ area.

To activate the license key, go to WordPress Dashboard -> Zeno Store -> License (Make sure you are logged in as an administrator, otherwise you won’t see that menu).



You will see the next screen. Copy and paste your license code inside the License Key text field and click the Activate button.

license key activate


If the license key is correct, you will get the following message.

license key activated

In the case you get an error message or an empty message, please check your license key and try again.

If you are not able to activate your license key after multiple attempts, please contact the support.


C. Install the required plugins and create the required pages

Zeno theme requires two plugins and recommends one. All the recommended plugins are free and will be automatically installed with a few clicks, so don’t worry about that.

The first plugin, called Redux Options Framework is used by Zeno to create the interface of the theme options page.

The second plugin, Zeno GeoLite Country Library includes the MaxMind GeoLite library,  which is used by Zeno for the Geo-Redirect feature.

So after you have uploaded and activated Zeno theme, you now need to download and activate these plugins following the instructions below.

In your WordPress dashboard area, at the top of all the pages, you will see a few warnings.

Click on Begin installing plugins.


Next, tick the “Plugin” checkbox to select all the three plugins.

Only the first two plugins are required. The third one is recommended since it’s used by the theme to display images for product categories.


Select “Install” instead “Bulk Actions” and click “Apply“.


It will take a few seconds for the plugins to be downloaded (this time depends on the speed of your web hosting) and if all the plugins have been successfully installed, you should see the following screen.


Click “Return to Required Plugins Installer” and activate the plugins.


Now, the plugins were installed, but there will still be a warning that some pages required by the Zeno theme are missing. Click on the “Click here” link from the warning message to have those pages automatically created.


It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds for the pages to be created. If everything is ok, you should see the following message and the warning will disappear the next time you load a page.