Setting Your Amazon API Credentials

After you have setup your Amazon Associates and Amazon Web Services accounts, you now need to set the credentials received to the Zeno theme options page.

You can do that by logging in to your WordPress dashboard with an account with administrator rights, then accessing Zeno->Amazon API menu.


On that page, you will see 4 options.


Amazon Store Country

The first option will require you to set the country of the Amazon store from where you are going to import products for your store (the locale for which your Amazon Associates account was registered).

Note that a single country it’s available per store. That means you can only import products from a specific country to your store.

If your site receives international traffic, you should create separate stores for each traffic country and redirect the traffic from specific countries to specific store URLs. You can easily achieve that with the Geo-Redirect feature added in Zeno 2.0 version.

To setup multiple stores, you can use the WordPress multisite built-in feature, which allows you to create a network of sites using a single WordPress installation. The data will be saved in separate tables in the database.

The advantage of using the WordPress multisite feature is that you don’t need to install WordPress multiple times and you don’t need a domain name for every store since you can set a store for each locale as a subdomain (,,, etc.).

Your Amazon Access Key Id

Set your Access Key Id received after you have registered your Amazon Web Services account.

Your Amazon Secret Access Key

Set your Amazon Secret Access Key received once with the Access Key Id after you have registered your Amazon Web Services account.

Your Amazon Associates Tag

Your Amazon Associates tag is your unique affiliate id that will be used for generating your Amazon affiliate links automatically. Every affiliate link will contain this tag in its structure and this way, Amazon will know that the sales were made by you.

Don’t forget to save the settings by clicking the “Save Changes” button.

That’s all.

You should now be able to add products to your store by going to Zeno Store->Get Products