Editing the theme

Zeno theme allows you to change a lot of things right from the theme options and from the Customize page without the need to edit a single line of code.

However, in the case you find something that you cannot already customize from the available options, you are free to edit the code if you have the right knowledge.

Because new versions of Zeno are regularly released, it is not recommended to edit directly the theme code. To avoid losing the changes made to the theme files, we recommend you using a child theme.

A child theme allows you to make modifications to the parent theme without directly editing its files.

This way, even if you install an Update to the Zeno theme, your changes won’t be lost.

There’s no point getting into too many details about child themes since the WordPress developers have already made a great job explaining how a child theme works in the child theme documentation page.

Just to give you an advantage, we made a blank child theme that you can use to make the customizations to the parent theme. You can download the child theme here (you need to be logged in with you customer details to be able to access that page).

After you download the child theme, just upload it as a regular WordPress theme and activate it.

If you want to don’t use the child theme anymore, just disable it from Appearance->Themes.