Create & Assign Menus

Zeno theme supports by default two menus:
– A Top Menu that is displayed to the top of the header section and
– A Main Menu, which is displayed at the bottom of the header (before the content).


Even though the theme supports these two menus, these are not yet created after you activate the theme and if you access your site, you will only see a notification that you need to create your main menu.


Therefore, you will need to create these menus in WordPress and assign your created menus to the menu locations supported by the theme.

To do that, go to the WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus

Specify a name for your menu (you can use any name, but I would recommend you to set the same name as the menu position. If you create the primary menu, name it Main Menu and if you create a menu to be used as the top menu, name it Top Menu. This way it’s easier for you to figure out which menu comes where).

Click the “Create Menu” button after you have entered a name.


You should now see the next screen. Check the “Main Menu” checkbox to use your newly created menu for the main menu location of Zeno theme.


If you want to use that menu for the top menu position, leave “Main Menu” unchecked and select the “Top Menu” instead.


Add any page, link, category, etc. to your menu from the left side panel by checking the checkbox before the item and clicking the “Add to Menu” button.


Save menu changes and now you should see the menu live on your site.


Once you have multiple menus created in WordPress, you can switch between these menus using the menu selection option from the top of the page.


Enable or Disable the menus

The top menu is disabled by default. So even if you create a new menu and assign it to the “Top Menu” position, the menu will still not be displayed on your site until you activate it from Appearance->Customize->Header section.

So make sure the top menu and the main menu are enabled if you don’t see them on your website after you have assigned menus to their positions.


At the same location, there are a few other menu options that you can customize the way you like.