Configuring Theme Options

Zeno theme has a lot of user configurable options.

These options allow you to easily add a bit of your personality to your site and give your store a unique look, without the need of writing code.

The theme options are divided into two groups:

A. Functionality Options

These options can be found under Zeno menu and are also grouped into tabs to allow you to find the wanted options quickly.


B. Aspect Options

These options use the WordPress Theme Customization API to enable you to see the changes made to your site in real-time before you save the options and make them visible to all your visitors.

To access the theme aspect options, you need to go to Appearance->Customize.


The Functionality Options

Most of these options are self-explanatory and everyone has a short description to help you easily understand the role of each specific option.

The options are also grouped on separate tabs to allow you to quickly find the wanted option.

– Amazon API

Under this tab, you will need to configure your Amazon credentials to allow the theme to search for products directly from your WordPress dashboard and to import their details to your site with a few clicks.

You will need to choose the locale of your Amazon store and to fill up your Amazon Associates tag id and your Amazon Web Services credentials.


– General Settings

Under the General Settings tab you are able to configure a few general settings of your website.

You can disable the buttons displayed in the header of your website (Cart, Wishlist, Login, Register, etc.), you can enable or disable the breadcrumbs navigation, set the position of the Products menu in your WordPress dashboard, enter your Google Analytics id, add custom CSS code or JavaScript code that will be displayed for all the pages of your site.


– Store Settings

The store options are also grouped into two more groups.

General Store Settings

Under this tab, you will find settings that handle the settings for the store page, product archive pages, and general settings regarding the products.


Product Details Page

The settings on this tab allow you to customize a few things on the product’s details page (single product).


-Blog Settings

Same as the “Store Settings”, the options under the Blog Settings sections are divided into two type of options.

General Blog Settings

Currently, there aren’t too many options here. These options control the aspect of the blog post archive.


Post Details Page

The options under this tab set the features for the single blog post page.


– Page Layout

From this section, you can set different layouts for various pages of your site. For Posts, Pages and Products, you can override the layout for each individual page.


– Slider & Carousel

This tab is also divided into two other groups. One group hosts the options for the product slider and the other group the options for the product carousel.

Product Slider

Here you will find all the options of the product slider.


Product Carousel

On this page, you will find the options for the product carousel. Both the slider and the carousel have very similar options.


– Manage Ads

Here you can set the HTML code to display banner ads for 3 available areas (header ad, under slider, on single product page).


– Social Profiles

This tab allows you to set your profiles/pages for the social buttons that are displayed in the header of your site. You can also rearrange the icons based on your preferences.


– Links Settings

Under this section, you can change the slug of the product post type, the category slug, you can choose whether if you want the affiliate links to be cloaked, to open in a separate tab, etc.


– Translations

This section allows you to translate the most common words/phrases directly from the theme options page, without the need to edit the translation file.


– Geo-Redirect

The Geo-Redirect tab allows you to set redirection rules for specific traffic countries. If your site receives international traffic, you can setup multiple stores and redirect the traffic to those stores. For more details about this feature, read setting geo-redirects page.


– Import / Export

Here you can import and export the settings of the options page of your current site. This can be useful if you create multiple sites with Zeno and you want to use the same settings for all of them.