Configuring The Product Slider & Carousel

Zeno integrates a product slider and a product carousel that can be displayed at the top of the store index page or blog page.

Both the slider and carousel are disabled when you install the theme. So to display them, you need to enable them from the theme options page.

A. Product Slider

The product slider will show one product at a time on store’s page or on the blog page.


Enabling the slider

To enable the product slider for the store page, go to Zeno->Slider & Carousel option.


Make sure you are in the “Product Slider” tab.


At the top of the page, you will see the following 2 options.


The first option enables the product slider for the store page and the second option enables the product slider for the blog page. Just click on “On” to enable that option.

Once enabled, the “On” option will become blue.


Don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button.

The next step is to choose what you want the slider to display.

You can do that from the option called “Display in Slider“, which is on the same page.


You have the following options:

– Displaying specific products

These are the products selected before you have published them to your store.


You can also choose to display a particular product in the slider after the product was already published from the product’s edit page (from the right sidebar, Promote this product panel).


– Displaying a specific category of products

Choosing this option will reveal two more options below. You need to select a category or multiple product categories that you want to be displayed in the slider.

You can also choose the order of the products. If you choose multiple categories, is recommended you to set a “Random” order, otherwise, if your selected categories have many products, only a few will be displayed in the slider.


– Displaying the latest products

This option will display the newest products.

– Displaying the most popular products

This option will display the most popular products of your store. This is based on the number of views the product details page (single product page) has received.

– Displaying random products

This option will simply display the products randomly.

On the same page, there are also a few other configurable options for the product slider. All of them have a short description to help you understand what each of them does.

B. Product Carousel

The product carousel displays more products at a time and it’s displayed right after the product slider.


You will find the carousel option at Zeno->Slider & Carousel.


This time, instead of “Product Slider” tab, make sure the Product Carousel tab is selected.


From here, the product carousel has exactly the same options as the product slider.