Configuring Sidebars & Widgets

A sidebar is basically a column provided for displaying information other than the primary content of the web page. Even though “sidebar” means a vertical column that it’s usually displayed on the left or the right side of a page, with WordPress, you can register multiple sidebars to allow the administrator to add widgets in multiple sections of the site (also called widgetized areas).


The content of the WordPress sidebars is dynamically created by adding widgets to the registered sidebars.


Zeno registers 7 sidebars and allows you to display widgets in various places of your site.

  • Primary – This sidebar displays the content of the main sidebar which is displayed in the left or right side of the content of a page
  • Footer Sidebar – This sidebar allows you to display content in the footer area of your site
  • After Blog Post Content – These widgets will be displayed after the content of the single blog post (after the post author information).
  • Store Page Top – These widgets will be displayed at the top of the store’s index page, before the sort tabs.
  • Store Page Bottom – These widgets will be displayed at the bottom of the store’s index page.
  • Blog Page Top – These widgets will be displayed at the top of the blog’s index page.
  • Blog Page Bottom – These widgets will be displayed at the bottom of the blog’s index page.

Add & Manage Widgets

In WordPress, the widgets can be added and can managed from two locations and you need to be logged in as an administrator to be able to add widgets to your site:

1) Appearance->Widgets
2) Appearance->Customize->Widgets

The only difference is that from the second location you can see the changes in real-time on your site.

For the examples below, I will add the widgets from Appearance->Widgets.

WordPress has a number of available widgets that you can use by default.

Zeno theme also registers a few additional widgets, specific to the theme, that you can display in the available sidebars.

There are also plugins that their only purpose is to register additional widgets.

To add a widget, go to Appearance->Widgets and drag one of the available widgets to one of the registered sidebars from the right side of the page.


The majority of the widgets have also configurable options. You can see these options if you click on the title of the widget.


To remove a widget from your sidebar, simply drag the widget outside the sidebar area or click the delete link from the widgets’ options.