Amazon Associates Account Setup

To be able to generate your affiliate links automatically and for the product importing feature to work, Zeno theme requires your Amazon Associates tag.

If you already have an Amazon Associates account, just log-in to you Amazon Associates account and copy your Amazon Associates ID (Tracking ID) from the left side.



If you don’t have an Amazon Associates account yet, just follow the next steps to get one.

You need to go to Amazon Associates, depending on the locale (Amazon store country) from where the products in your store will be.

Your Associate ID works only in the locale in which you register.

If you want to be an Associate in more than one locale, you must register separately for each locale.

Source: Product Advertising API Developer Guide


Zeno theme doesn’t support product from multiple locales at the same time.

If you want to make the best use of your traffic, Zeno includes a Geo-Redirect feature that allows you to redirect the traffic from specific countries to separate stores that target particular locales.

Below are the links to the Amazon Associates program for each supported countries.

Locale URL:
United Kingdom
United States


So go to Amazon Associates link based on your locale and register a new account.

If you have already an account, there’s no need to create a new account. Just use that account and click Sign in using our secure server




Click on Next: Your Website Profile



Fill in the details of your site & the verification code and click on Next




You will need to input your phone number (include your country code if you reside outside the US) and click Call me now . You will receive an automatic call from an answering machine that will tell you to type the Pin generated when you pressed Call me now button.

If you have already confirmed your phone number, the Enter Telephone Number field will not be displayed and you will receive a identity verification complete message like in the second screenshot.






Check the box next to Contract Terms and click Finish.

You will now receive a thank you message along with your unique Amazon Associates ID




Save the Associates ID in a secure place and go and get your API credentials from your Amazon Web Services account.