Adding Products From Amazon

Currently, there are two ways to add products to your store when you use Zeno theme.

To add products you need to go to Zeno Store->Get Products.



Once on that page, you have two options of adding products.

A. Adding a product based on its ASIN id


Every product listed on Amazon has a unique ASIN id, which is displayed on product’s sales page, under Product Details section.


If you find a specific product which you want to publish to your online store, copy its ASIN id, paste it to the “Product ASIN” field and click the “Lookup” button from the right side of the input field.

If the entered ASIN id was valid and the chosen product it’s accessible via the Product Advertising API (there are some rare cases when some products are not accessible), once you click the “Lookup” button, you should see the product listed below.


If you click the “Edit details” link, a list of options will appear like in the screenshot below.

You can edit product’s title, description, include it in a specific category, publish as a draft or right away, choose if you want it to be displayed in the featured slider/carousel.


After you edit the information click “Publish” to import and publish the product to your online store.

B. Search for products based on a search term

The second option for adding products to your store is by searching for a specific keyword.


Just type a search term and click the “Get Products” button (do not hit the ENTER button on your keyboard because that will trigger the “Lookup” button).

The theme will then search on Amazon for products that include the specified search term and will return a list of results.


Click the “Publish” button next to each product to add it to your store, or the “Edit Details” button if you want to edit the product before importing it to your site.

For every search query, there will be displayed 10 products per page. If more products are available for your specified keyword, you can click the “Load More Products” button from the bottom of the page to load another 10 products.


The product search has also a few additional options, which can be seen if you click the “Advanced” link before the search form.


The first option will allow you to search in a specific Amazon category (this option is not currently available for all the Amazon locales), and the “Products Sort” option will be available only when you choose to search in a category.

You can choose to display only the products which are currently on stock and based on their merchant (Amazon or Non-Amazon).

You also have the option of assigning all the products listed after the search query to specific categories or assigning the same tags to all the products.

C. Edit and delete a published product

After you publish the products to your store, you can then find them under the “Products->All Products” menu.


To edit a product from the list, move your mouse cursor over the title of the product and a few link will appear under.

To edit the product details, click on Edit.


To remove a product, click the “Trash” link.

Note that when you click the trash link, WordPress only sends that product to “Trash” and hides it from your site, but its details are still present in the database.
The theme will not allow you to publish that product again until you completely remove it from the trash.

To empty the trashed products, go to the trash link that appears before the list of products.


You can select individually which products to delete or you can click the “Empty Trash” button to permanently remove all the products from the trash.


D. Edit the “product” slug (Optional)

Note: If you change the product slug, your already published products will become hidden (their details will still be saved in the database for the old product slug) and you’ll have to add these products again. If you have any published products, it’s recommended to completely remove those products from your site (including from the trash) before changing the product slug.

Zeno theme saves the products in a custom post type called “Products”.

By default, after it’s published, a product will be accessible at

Zeno allows you to easily rename the “product” slug. This can help you to avoid conflicts with other plugins or to translate the product text to your own language for a better SEO score.

To change the product slug, go to Zeno->Links Settings


Look for an option called “Product Slug” and replace “product” with any other text you want to be used as the product slug.

Do not use any special characters. Only letters, numbers, dashes and underline.


Save the changes, then go to Settings->Permalinks

You will need to resave the WordPress permalinks after changing the product slug. Otherwise, you will get a 404 error page when you try to access the products.


Just click the “Save Changes” button. There’s no need to edit anything else.