Adding Non-Amazon Products

Zeno theme was built with the sole purpose of allowing people to easily make affiliate stores for promoting products from the Amazon Associates program. However, you can also add affiliate products that are sold outside Amazon.

While you can add products from any supported Amazon online store with just a few clicks, publishing products that are sold on other affiliate platforms (Clickbank, Clicksure,, etc.) requires a bit of additional work because you need to enter all the product details manually.

Also, the theme won’t be able to update the prices of these products, import reviews or to perform other automated tasks.

To add a Non-Amazon product, go to “Products->Add New“.


Next, you need to set the product type as “Other” from the “Product Details” panel in the right sidebar.
This way the theme will know that this is a product that is not sold on Amazon and won’t try to update the price, image set, reviews, etc.


Fill up the title of the product


Add a description for your product using the main WordPress content editor.


Choose if you want this product to be displayed in the featured product slider or carousel.
This option will be only used if the slider/carousel has the “Display in slider/carousel” (under Zeno->Slider & Carousel) option set to “Specific Products“.


In the “Product Details” panel, add the prices of the product and your affiliate URL (the page where the product can be purchased).


The product details entered above will be displayed like this on the single product page.


Under the main WordPress content editor, there’s a panel called “Product Details“. Inside this, you have the option of adding a list of the product features and a product review.


Here’s how the features and the review will appear on your site.


Now, let’s add a featured image for your product.
This image is displayed in the products list and is also the first image that will be displayed in the product image gallery.

At the bottom of the right sidebar, look for a panel called “Featured Image“. Click the “Set featured image” link to upload a new image or to choose an existing image from the media gallery.


Once you set a featured image, you will see a tiny preview instead the “Set featured image” link.


To add more images for the product gallery, click the “Add Media” button between the product title input field and the content editor.


Click “Upload New” to upload the product images.
Upload the chosen images and just close the media uploader pop-up without clicking the “Insert into post button”. Every image uploaded is now assigned to this post and will be now displayed in the product gallery.

You can set a category (or multiple categories) from the right sidebar. Optionally, you can add tags for your product and select a separate page layout for your specific product.


Once you have entered all the product details, just click the “Publish” button and your product will go live on your site.