Adding Blog Posts & Categories

Since the products are saved in a custom post type, the default WordPress post type is free and is used to display the blog posts.

A. Adding Blog Categories

Before adding posts to your blog, you might first want to add some categories.

To do so, go to Post->Categories



B. Adding Blog Posts

Adding a blog post is simple. Just go to Posts->Add New and fill up the post details.


Enter a title for your blog post and the content.


You can also set a category, add tags and set a specific layout for a blog post from the right sidebar.


The blog posts will always look better if you assign them a featured image.
The featured image will be displayed in the blog post list and above the post content on the single product page.

To set a featured image, go to the “Featured Image” panel (below the Single Post Layout panel in the right sidebar) and click on “Set featured image“.


Upload the image that you want to use or select an already uploaded image from the media library and click the “Set featured image” button. For the image to have the best look, it’s recommended to upload a rectangular image, with the height close to 825px and a height close to 455px.


Once the featured image has been set, you should see the image preview inside the “Featured Image” panel.