Why to use Zeno

Zeno is super easy to use and extremely easy to install and customize.

Our theme has a lot of options and settings that will allow you to give your store a custom and unique look without touching a single line of code.

Unlike any other existing similar WordPress themes, to use Zeno at its full potential, you do not need any additional plugins.

In this way, you should not worry about incompatibilities between the theme and plugins and also for additional costs to purchase plugins which in turn tend to cost a lot.

To create your highly profitable affiliate store you only need:

You will be able to:

More About The Amazon Associates Program

The Amazon Associate Program is the affiliation program run by Amazon.com that allows people to make money by promoting the products from their huge online stores.

Whatever niche you want, you can always find a product to promote. Amazon sells a wide and varied selection of products such as: electronics, computers, jewelry, books, toys, apparels, grocery, movies and all kind of other things.

Each time a visitor makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you will earn money. You will make money even if the visitor buys something totally unrelated to the product link they followed from your store, within 24 hours.

Think about all the opportunities!

Even if you are promoting products priced at $40 at a comission rate of 7.00% and one visitor reach Amazon through you affiliate link, even he decide not to buy your recommended product, but he however makes a purchase in worth of $1000 from Amazon within 24 hours, you will earn $70. Awesome right?

And that's from only one sale. But think about if you have 10 stores, 15, 20, 50 ... 100, with just few sales a day, the revenues would be enormous.

This makes Zeno an incredibly powerful WordPress theme because it helps you create your own store in less than 5 minutes without the need to be a programmer or to write a single line of code.

You just need a clean WordPress installation, upload the theme and import products from Amazon stores by clicking one button.
You will not need to write a single word or to upload the images for each product manually.

It's extremely easy to import products from Amazon

Just head to Zeno Shop Menu -> Get Products

Zeno Store Menu

You can search for products using a search term or you can import a specific product by ASIN.
Amazon always provides the item ASIN in product details section.

Search for Amazon products

You can edit product details before importing or you can import the product as it is by clicking a single button.

Publish product to your WordPress affiliate store

Within seconds, the product will be published to your online store linking to Amazon through your affiliate link.

You can instantly publish a product or you can save it as a draft to publish later.

Yes, is that easy. Even a child can do it.

Why we have created Zeno theme?

Initially, we have created this theme to use it for our sites monetized with the Amazon Associates program.

Maybe you are wondering now, why haven't we used an already existing theme?

Because we couldn't find a Amazon Affiliate WordPress theme that met our 6 main requirements:

At the urging of some friends we finally decided to make Zeno available for sale, after several months of intense work.

However, we decided to make things different.
Instead of finishing the theme, sell it and then abandon it like how usually happens with other Amazon affiliate themes, we decided to update it, make it better and keep the support as long as there are people interested for it.

Features That Make Zeno Such A Powerful WordPress Theme

Zeno - Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme Preview

Easy Products Import

Search for Amazon products directly from your WordPress site or look for them by ASIN. Choose the products you want to promote and publish them with one click. No need to manually write descriptions or upload product images. Everything is automatic.

Product Auto Update

Don't worry anymore that the product price & images will be changed and your site will end up with outdated informations over time. The price & images of each product will be automatically updated at a certain time interval set by you.

Responsive Design

Do not lose customers because your site does not look good on mobile devices or tablets. Zeno Theme will look great on any mobile device or tablet due to its responsive design based on Foundation 5 framework.

SEO Friendly

Our theme is built using the latest coding standards with HTML 5 semantic markup. Zeno also integrates schema.org elements to make your site to look awesome in search engines results and become more SEO friendly.

Lifetime Support

Once you have purchased the theme, you will get lifetime support, free access to every theme update and lifetime access to the members' area.

Quick Loading

Zeno theme is well optimized for speed because is not bloated with unnecessary items. A fast loading website will grant you more visitors and hence more buyers. More customers means more money for you.

Unlimited Colors

You can choose from one of the five predefined color schemes, but you can also customize the color of almost each website element using the integrated color picker. So, no need to worry if you do not like the default colors.

600+ Google Fonts

You'll be able to select a custom font for product tiles, widget titles, general text or menu from a list of over 600 Google Fonts. This will give your Amazon affiliate store a custom and unique look.

Countries Support

You can grab products for your store from one of the supported countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Spain, Italy, India, China and Brazil.

Theme Options

Click on any image to enlarge it. To zoom it even more, click on the icon from the top-right.

More Features of Zeno Theme:

  • Translation Ready - You will be able to easily translate your store into your own language
  • Product Slider & Carousel - Zeno has a product slider & carousel integrated
  • Custom Widgets - Few custom widgets will enhance the WordPress power
  • Wish List - Your visitors will be able to add their favorite products to a wishlist
  • Integrated Breadcrumbs - No need to use a plugin to generate the breadcrumbs navigation
  • Integrated Pagination - Zeno store pages will be nicely divided by the integrated pagination system
  • Product Image Gallery - Each product will have a nice image gallery
  • Related Products - Zeno will display related products to increase your sales and keep visitors more time on your store
  • Social Ready - No need to use a plugin to display sharing buttons
  • Theme Options - You will find a lot of settings & options to change the functionality of your store
  • Appearance - Zeno is making use of the native WordPress customizer to allow you to preview in real time the changes you make to the appearance of your store
  • Advanced Sidebar Control - You can choose the sidebar location for each page, post or product: Left, Right or None
  • Custom Header & Background - Customize each page, post or product page with custom header or background image
  • Amazon Cart - Zeno integrates the Amazon Cart API. Using the cart, you can enjoy the 90 days Amazon cookie
  • Amazon Customer Reviews - Displaying the Amazon product reviews on your website is extremely simple
  • Link Cloaking - Don't like the ugly affiliate URLs? Zeno integrates a feature that gives you the option to cloak the affiliate URLs.
  • Much More - These are only a few of the available features of Zeno theme and more are added periodically.

There are even more features and more to be implemented.

You will have access to all Zeno updates for FREE.

Start Making Money With Your Affiliate Store Today

Perhaps you think that after all this, Zeno have to cost a fortune.
That is NOT true at all. Zeno even cost LESS than many common premium themes or plugins for WordPress.
Besides, with one or two sales, you will QUICKLY recover your SMALL investment.
Think about how much time you can save with Zeno and how many different stores you can build in no time.

Choose te most appropriate license for you. Read more about licenses here.

Sorry, Zeno theme doesn't accept any new customers.

The theme will still be maintained for the existing customers.

If you are still looking for a similar theme, we recommend you UltimateAzon WordPress Theme.

Ultimate Azon Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

Because we are confident in our product quality and because your satisfaction is very important to us, we are willing to give you your money back if you are not completely satisfied with our product within 30 days.

This eliminates any kind of risk on your part and you can ask anytime for a refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

To ask for a refund, send us an email or open a new support ticket from the members area.

Money Back Guarantee